UV Wafer Eraser AER681/AER682

型號:AER681/ AER682
  • Complete erasing of charges of EPROM and Flash memory.
  • UV Curing and Hardening.
  • Removal of stress induce due to manufacturing processes.

  • Fully Automated UV Eraser System For 150mm and 200mm Wafers
  • High Power UV lamp with intensity 60 mW/cm²
  • Wafer Robot Handling
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Multi-wafer UV Chamber with high throughput
  • Input/Output - Cassette or LPT LoadPort
  • SECS/GEM compliance
  • OCR - Optical Character Reader 1741
  • Cassette to Cassette Transfer (AER 682)
  • Wafer aligner & OCR (Option) (AER682)